Monday, October 29, 2007

Why Athletic Development

Strength and conditioning specialist has long been the term used to describe the person involved in the physiological preperation of the athlete. This name has been strengthened by the various associations that have strength and conditioning in their name (associations that I respect) but I feel the S&C specialist often errs on the side of strength and that the focuss of these associations is more focussed on strength than other aspects of conditioning. It was with this view that I believe it is time to start The International Society of Athletic Development. For this to be a success we need other like minded people to be involved. Athletic development is about all aspects of physiological preperation and as a title, moves away from the focuss on strength. I encourage you all involved in athletic development to change your title to Director of Athletic Development or Athletic Development specialist. In time with members we hope to start with a newsletter and move into a journal. We will also have an accreditation scheme but this will all take time.

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