Sunday, September 21, 2008

Interval Training

As i have a particular interest in intervals to maximise performance I will be reviewing some articles in this area. Here is one re inseason Interval training and highlights the fact that inseason does not have to mean maitanance but is still a time for increasing the physiological status of your players.

Dupont, Grégory1Akakpo, Koffi1Berthoin, Serge1
Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research Aug2004, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p584 6p.
The effects of in season, high-intensity interval training on professional male soccer players' running performances were investigated. Twentytwo subjects participated in 2 consecutive training periods of 10 weeks. The first period was considered a control period and was compared with a period where 2 high-intensity interval training exercises were included in the usual training program. Intermittent runs consisted of 12-15 runs lasting 15 seconds at 120% of maximal aerobic speed alternated with 15 seconds of rest. Sprint repetitions consisted of 12-15 all-out 40-m runs alternated with 30 seconds of rest. Results from the high-intensity interval training have shown that maximal aerobic speed was improved (+8.1 ± 3.1%; p <>

I encourage you to review the full article and look at the study and ll studies with a critical eye. Too often people only review the abstract or worse only look at the conclusions and take it for gospel. Have a look at the numbers researched, the stats that were used and if the interpretation of the stats is correct. I was reading a paper the other day where they were reporting significant r values that still left 64% of the variance unexplained. It is imperative you know and understand stats as obviously many reviewers dont because it amases me how many poorly designed studies get published in the sports science field

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