Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sydney FC and Central Coast Mariners W League

Hi A knew professional womans league is starting in October in Australia and I will keep you up to date on 2 teams that I will be working with. An interesting situation but the 2 teams are backed by the same organisation and thus will train pre season togther. Had a meeting with both head coaches last week Alen Stajic and Steve Roach both good guys and have put together the first 6 week phase. I will be keeping you informed of the progress as we start tonight with testing. I have worked with most of the players previously and the DS Protocol that I have discussed previously will be a major feature.

DS protocol
5 x 20sec work @>95%/20sec recovery over a 20metre shuttle
2 min recovery
6 x 15 sec work @>95%/15 sec recovery over 15 metre shuttle
2 min recovery
8 x 10sec work @> 95%/10 sec recovery over 10 metre shuttle
2 min recovery
Total Time - 15 minutes

This will be used 2x/week during the first 3 weeks and extended to 3x/week for the following 3. Data from previous studies of ours have shown a very positive adaptations abnd the beauty of it is the short length as com[pared to previously published protocols. I cant wait to get the publication out as this is a great protocol that works.

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Hi Dr Craig,

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