Thursday, June 19, 2008

Variety at the right time

There are numerous methods and gadgets that can add variety to your programs but knowing when and not to use variety is a skill. I constantly have to tell myself to mix it up and that I am not working with robots. This is my science and research background getting to me as I know what will work physiologically but I have to remember the psych and motivation component. I suppose working with athletes this is the biggest difference between reseach and applying it - WE are not working with a robot and that our players have numerous issues to work through. On the other hand we dont want to be mixing it up so much that we dont get our job done. For me at this stage 6 games from the end of the season I have to be very aware that the players have been with me for 7 months and it is time to mix it up. This can be done by using conditioning based games, keeping it short, creating competition etc and Ashley Jones from the crusaders (Super 14's Rugby Champions 2008) told me this is what he does. Keep the mood up, get the competition going and make it fun BUT still get your job done.

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