Thursday, June 5, 2008


How great it is to be part of a team that works for the best of a club rather than try to bring eachother down. I am very fortunate to work with great people at Sydney Olympic FC and I think this team could manage any club in the world. From the president Jim, the Ceo Danny Silvestri, Technical Director Manny, Head Coach Milan, Physio's Kenny/Charlie/Steve, Manager Chris, Assistant Coach Pat, Youth director Max you just couldnt find a better bunch. In our work with preparing players you cant work at your best level if you do not have the support and for me even though I have offers to work with other clubs even at higher levels and with greater financila reward if they do not have a professional structure and people I do not want the stress. Interesting enough a coach recently made the statement how come these semi professional players are fitter than my professional players well Coach its easy, doing things properly with part time players will always be superior to you wasting the time of full time players. To give a further insight to our people the other night we were playing a cup game and in torrential rain I watched as the CEO was out getting the field ready for play. He could have easily been sitting up in the box smoking cigars but no and that is why I love working for this club.

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