Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fab Itte

Fab Itte is a good friend of mine and also the U17 Australian Wrestling coach. Fab recently took the Australian team to India and one of his athletes won a Bronze Medal which is fantastic. I first met Fab when he was a student of mine and he has progressed so far that I often speak to him about training and have learnt much from Fab re wrestling training and how we can adapt these methods to team sports such as Soccer etc. Fab has always been a big picture thinker and has used his methods to help his athletes achieve great results. Fab has also done a number of sessions with my athletes and they have always enjoyed these sessions. I suggest you have a look at some wrestling conditioning lietrature and think how you maybe adapt this to your training. I see that wrestling conditioing training for strength has a place with team sport athletes. Fab and I are presently trying to formulate a program in this direction and I will keep you informed. However I will say those sports that use wrestling coaches are often missing other important aspects of the sport that can be transferred into the conditioing program.

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