Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Interns/Work Experience

I have always valued doing unpaid work experience with people in the field that are respected. I have done this many times and in recent times I spent 12 months with Jim Fraser Australia's leading goalkeeper coach. I learnt so much from Jim in this time that it was priceless. This year I have had a number of students doing work experience with me and they have done a great job and their dedication has inspired me. Slavisa, Nigel, Ariel, Daniel, David and Pat have made my job much more enjoyable and I hope they have learnt from the experience. I encourage you to go and do unpaid work because on the field in the work environment is the place where real learning takes place. These students have been able to see the difference between theory and application and have seen me have to deal with disgruntled players, difficult situations and I suppose the unglamorous everyday side of the job. I hope to be able to give them all paid work in the future as the dedication they have demonstrated is what I value.

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