Monday, January 19, 2009


I apologise for not writing for a while but I have just spent a great vacation with my family at our beach house. I wish everyone a happy new year and a great 2009. My summer has been full of cricket and surfing as my son has become addicted to cricket and bth my daughter and son love to surf so it has been alot of fun. For those international readers cricket is a great game as it can be played in the yard, at the beach, on the street, at the park and in Australia we seem to have different rules where ever we play. My son Luke who is just 7 loves it and there are alot of motor skills involved and helps in athletic development as does surfing. I just think we have to offer our kids variety with activity and not isolate them into 1 sport at young ages. Many of my friends ask why my children are not at soccer camp, or why hasnt Bella started swimming for this year as there are competitions around the corner etc etc and I just think what is going on let kids be kids let them be active and i look at the activities my kids have done over the Summer (cycling, skate boarding, basketball, cricket, soccer, swimming, surfing, variety of body weight exercises, sprinting, jumping, wrestling, climbing) I think they are doing ok and none of these have been organised its just us getting out and playing. Have a great 2009 and I hope you thoughts expand and you trust what you think

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