Monday, January 26, 2009

Functional Training

Functional training is very misunderstood concept and does not include foam rollers and keeping players out of sport specific positions. Vern Gambetta is a leader in real sport specific functional training and the sooner physical trainers/therapists understand sport conditioning the better we will be. Our job is to get players fit/fast and strong and maintain that so the last thing we need is to be opposed by a physio who is using poorly researched techniques to keep the players off the field. sad fact I heard yesterday that the NSCA has been basicaly hijacked by personal trainers and physical therapists with membership now reflecting only 20% being active coaches in the field. Short note to physio's - remember the athlete you are working with is not general population and may react quite differently to fast tracked treatment - I do wonder what has been taught in lectures because I have seen very few physio professors that would have ever strength trained/completed a power clean or any explosive movement

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