Sunday, May 18, 2008

Planning and busy playing schedules

There is no doubt that modern sport provided us with a balancing act between recovery and our players performing at their peak. Inseason is the most difficult time for the athletic development specialist and this is where you really earn your pay check. The preseason block is often misunderstood and non specific but most teams will come into the season with a reasonable level of fitness but if a team is well planned this level can increase throughout the season. I dont believe in the maitennace period of traditional periodisation models which normally coincide with "the Season". I believe that with careful monitioring and adjustments of volume/intensity and variety players can have periods of advancements and periods of maitenance during the season. I love this part as it is about setting yourself apart from the rest. We have just completed the first round (11 games) after a successful pre season tournament which we won (6 games) and now have a maximum of 14 games (main competition)) and 4 games (mid week Cup) to go. We have been by far the best conditioned side so far but the question remains have we peaked/are we tired/is our conditoning level decreasing. I monitor how the players are through feedback forms/video analysis/GPS analysis and general observation and my feeling is that mush of the fatigue players feel is mental. It is a juggling act but if you work on 4 week blocks you will be close to the truth. Too often if you plan too far ahead you will miss out on too much information

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