Sunday, May 4, 2008

warm ups and cooldowns

sydney olympic FC had a great win today but my thoughts today are on match day warm ups and cool downs. I always like to watch other teams prepare as often we are on the same warm up pitch. I am always amazed at the poor warm up procedures of most teams that we play against. Today was one of those days where their players came out 45 minutes prior to kick off and proceeded to do a jog warm up and lots of static stretching followed by some drills that were more appluicable to skills training than a warm up and followed with more static stretching. They than proceeded to go to the changeroom 22 minutes prior to kick off. Why do I take notice? I see it as one of my jobs to inform the head coach about this as it is obvious from a wrm up like this they cant be ready to perform at a high level. Today we didnt score early even though we had great chances but it was obvious they were not ready. Also the cool down s the first stage of the next training session and if we do not do thi well than players will not be at their best for the next session. Again I am interested to see most teams go through the motions but it is vital that we do it properly.

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Andrew said...

Could you give an example of a good warm up for football?