Monday, May 26, 2008

Keep it SIMPLE

the thing that strikes me with many athletic development programs is that they are just too complicated. I wonder if the coach is trying to show off all his/her tricks or if they really just dont get it. If we stick to analysing a sport ensuring our training is specific to the sport than its difficult to go wrong. I have been interested to see the pre season program of a local professional football club and Im finding it difficult to understand why they are doing what they are doing and I wonder if they really know. Firstly starting 14 weeks prior to the season for a professional team seems excessive but than filling this time up with non specific junk is more about wasting time than getting the job done. Telll me why you would use regular boxing and swimming sessions as your main component of a program. Tell me why you do soft sand plyometrics when fatigued - it just doesnt make any sense but than again the AThletic Development program is a reflection of the head coach. Im just thankful I have a great head coach who gets it. Look closely at your sessions and reflect on how they fit into an overall plan and if they are specific to the sport. Pool sessions work for recovery/boxing now and again to mix it up and for a bit of team bonding but dont get off track just to show all your tricks or what you have seen on you tube. I love looking at differnt stuff but if it doesnt fit inot the sport DONT use it

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