Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Missing Link

With so much information (good information) and so much quality research and more importantly with so many great Athletic Development coaches in the World I ask you WHY do most athletic development coaches get it wrong? Is it ego, is it lack of knowledge, is it listening to the wrong people, is it boredom, is it lack of organisation, lack of commitment or is it a combination of all this and much more. I feel that to be a good AD coach you must be an educator of people and players and most importantly know how to source the good information. It is frustrating to see so many athletes so poorly conditioned because of the coach they have and if this coach took their head out of the sand they too could be a great coach - it is not that difficult - know your physiology, know your anatomy, biomechanics, motor learning, be organised and have the passion and commitment to make a program work. Being a great AD coach takes meticulous preperation and organisation and the ones that I know are great are living and thinking AD all of the time.

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