Monday, December 29, 2008

Sydney FC Girls

Fortunately we have qualified for the finals when it looked like we had no chance. Thanks to the other team I had worked with Central Coast we had the chance to make it if we beat Adelaide who we had lost to in the first round and we did. It has been an interesting season with us dominating every game bar one but not being able to score. From a conditioning perspective the girls have done well and all the data demonstrates in most instances we have dominated from a physiological stand point but I do believe speed is an issue in some positions this was most evident when we played Queensland who we face in the semi final. What can I do now?

  • Ensure players are fresh and recovered
  • Ensure injured players are given the best chance of playing by making sure rehab protocols are adheared to
  • Ensure players are focused and their mental preperation is correct
  • Ensure players do not overeat during festive season

Otherwise I cant change much now re speed and fitness but I can compile my notes on each player so we can work on weaknessess in the future

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