Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Have we reached our limits

We often read that the human has reached or nearly reached their physiological limits in a sport or particular event. The one that springs most to mind is the 100m sprint and this maybe true but in team sports I believe we havent even come close. In football (soccer) I believe the game can be played at a greater intensity/greater distances can be covered/the difference between 1st and 2nd half performance can be decreased and players can perform at the highest level wellinto their 30's and maybe even beyond. It all comes down to the physiological development and preperation. On the World stage the game is often played between 2 teams that know they have to play again in a few days so it always sems to be players are playing within themselves. Also too often there is little time devoted to physiological development and pre seasons dont really exist. The answer is specific programs that can be completed in short time periods. Regular 20-30 minute sessions combined with intense ball work will do the job and how many professional players really put in a decent weeks work. The generation Y athlete in many cases is lazy and lacks passion and it is reflected in the intensity games are played. Have a look at a game of Irish hurling or football one day it is crazy and the players earn little money however the intensity is ferosious - there is alot to learn for our Gen y professional about passion and desire

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