Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I think an athletic development program is often like working your way through a maze. It must be planned and take into account all the obstacles along the way. There are so many questions that need to be asked and in the planning stage such as when does the season begin?, is there a pre season comp, Is the pre season comp important to the club, how long is the reguler season, when are the finals, what are the strengths and weaknessess of the team and individuals, what style of play does the head coach want, what are likely obstacles, what are possible obstacles, what are unlikely obstacles etc etc. Of cause you have your standard programing blocks and progressions but these are often manipulated by circumstance e.g. injury, performance etc but just like a maze you may be headed up a path but than that door shuts so you must be able to change direction and get back on the right road. Obviously experience helps but the planning never stops. Work in small blocks (4 weeks), have the big picture in mind, test to ensure you are on the right path but be humble enough to change tac if things are not working.


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Vinícius said...

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