Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Winning in Extra time

Another night and another enjoyable moment. Tonight we played a quater final of a cup competition and won on penalties after playing the last 20 minutes of extra time with 10 men. Although we didnt play that well our physical performance was great and hows to me that we are on the right track. I believe more than ever that the classic periodisation model is not specific to today and the environments we work in. What worries me is that this is what is being taught to our students as maybe the lecturers dont have a true understanding thus just teach what they were taught. Vern Gambetta talks about Planned programing and about working in blocks of 4 weeks and I think he is right on. The season is not about maitainance its about manipulation I truly believe that players in team sports can perform at higher levels and with less injury if the planning is right. Its like a puzzle that we are constantly working at and every team is not the same puzzle.

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