Monday, July 21, 2008

What is your Plan

Do you have a plan or do you run session after session and dont really know how it all fits in. Athletic Development is like a jigsaw puzzle and without all the pieces in place it will never be complete. To often there is no substance to a session even though it may be a great session on its own it is useless if it doesnt fit into a plan. I suggest you read what Vern Gambetta has been writing about on his blog as I agree with what he says. I am tired of the trainer that runs sessions that have no contribution to the overall plan or the trainer that has no plan. Ask yourself each session where does this session fit in? What is the link to the last? and what is the link top the next? If you can answer these basioc questions go back and plan. We are all brought up on the work of Tudor Bompa re periodisation but is this the way it should be -I dont think so but still this is what is taught in under grad degrees the world over so the world is full of strength and conditioning coaches that follow Bompa models that are not effective in most situations. Look at professional teams ask yourself questions when there are substantial injuries, ask yourself questions when they burn out by the end of the season or they are not ready at the start often the answer lies in poor planning by the S&C coach.

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