Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy Cycle

I have been marking papers all day and it is enjoyable to read some of the great work produced. One paper facinated me and without mentioning names it will highlight the problems in our industry. A student did a case study of the nutritional intake and recovery procedures of a professional organisation (sounds simple and interesting) but what he found was even more exciting. The strength and conditioing coach who by all accounts was a great guy gave his dietary recomedations to the student for assessment but when we looked at it things just didnt add up
  1. All players prescribed the same intake regardless of size
  2. Specified quantaties of nutrients not met when diet was analysed
  3. Significant reduction in energy intake on game day

and this is just the start. I asked the student to tehn ask about qualifications and guess what he had none other then being a champion power lifter whiiuch may explain why his team lacked mobility. I ask why would he be prescribing the nutrtion I would be getting in a specialist in the field and how the hell does a guy like this get a job. It all adds up as many teams in this country have poorly qualified personal and look im not one to discount experience and I do understand maybe they havent had the time to get qualified but for goodness sake dont make it up as you go along get someone to advise you.

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