Monday, November 24, 2008

Sydney FC

THe W league team had a good win this weekend just gone and a big game this week with Queensland roar. The team had an easier week last week but we will step things up slightly this week but still keeping the volume low and the intensity high. IM often asked can we make significant changes in fitness mid season and my answer is it depends - if a team is playing only 1x/week the chances are we maybe able to make a difference but it is not easy and a balancing act - obviously a well planned program wont get you in this situation but if we look at our cites A league team we are in this situation. With possibly the worst athletic development coach going round we are in a mess 1 win in 7 with the best list in the comp (but than again he has injured most of them) i have never seen a more one paced team so I do wonder what is going on. Could we make a differnce with this team my answer is a definate yes but firstly please get rid of this uneducated, obnoxious no hoper and send him back to teach hurdlers in South Australia. Its always best to stick with what you know as Im not about to go and coach hurdlers he should take the same advice and not work with team sports.

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