Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Mystery Person

Being involved in athletic development gives you a significant amount of annonoymity when it comes to the team you are working with. When the team wins there is little recognition and thjis is ok but when a team loses you also get little recognition. Many coaches in our field have been fortunate to stay long after their use by date and this is unfortunate. There are too many jobs for the boys or cioaches bringing along their mates to fill the job. This is ok to a point IF the person is competent but too often I see too much incompetence. If you dont know the inside operations of a club just look at injury stats and if they are high than this should alert you (some injuries are unavoidable but if there is a consistent pattern we have an issue), analyse a game and have a look at the movement, have a look at when points are being scored, trak a players performance this is all interesting to do and you will soon be able to see who is doing a good job. In Australia we are fortunate to have some great people in the field but I am still amazed how far we still have to go. I think there are great session conductors but the next step of planning, understanding the plan, working on technique etc is missing in many instances

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