Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sydney FC W League

The last 2 weeks have seen us lose and drw so 1 point from 6 has seen us drop into second position. We have injuries unrelated to our program but just different contact injuries and others related to overtraining where we havent been in control. It is difficult working with players where you do not have complete control as a number of our players play all year round to make a living thus these injuries are bound to happen. You must work with what you have so I must manage this the best I can but it is never easy. The girls have 3 difficult games coming up and if we can secure 7 points from the next 9 we will be in good shape. This week will see us ease off training as they have worked hard over the previous three weeks and as I said in the previous post you must manage the work and the rest - its like life get the balance right and you will succeed.

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