Sunday, November 16, 2008

When the Balance is all Wrong

I hate to waste my time writing about ego's in our buisness but again why be so silly to criticise others when your own track record is so poor. Again I talk about our cities team and their strength and conditioing self proclaimed guru - he has injured more players than I have ever heard of, he is disrespectful to most and worse still he has lost the respect of his players. If you do not have the ability that is ok but when you think you have it and you dont well that is a problem. We are dealing with peoples carreers and a season under someone like this can see you go backwards and I have seen this with players I have worked with that are now under his care. Yoou can only hide behind your words for so long and I doubt he will last the year and it will be another club he has been sacked by. My point to this is never get too big for your boots, seek advice from others and realise you can learn a great amount off others. I know we all have an ego but I hope you have someone close to you to tell you when it is out of control. I just hate to see players effected by poor training and this is what has happened this year please leave the job to people who really care

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