Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kids and Sport

I spoke the other day at a conference looking at the emerging athlete and it is an area that I am passionate about. Too often coaches lose sight of the athlete and forget about the long term picture so it was nice to try and get my message across. I think that it is imperative if you are working with young athletes that you

  • Realise that they have many competing interests - school, friends etc
  • Dont forget the athlete that may only be losing because of size - people grow at different stages and rates
  • Work with all your athletes not just the ones performing well now
  • Never forget success as a junior does not guarentee adult success in fact it is probably detrimental
  • Look at the entire athlete and get people nto help you if you are not and expert in certain areas (nutrition, strength etc)
  • allow them to do other sports early specialisation is a killer

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